crazy_ramblings (crazy_ramblings) wrote in thedmz,

Why tell us the truth!?

Saddam Hussein is the most evil tyrant the world ever saw. No contest. Saddam Hussein is more evil than Pol Pot, Hitler and Kim Yong Il together. This guy made us believe he lied when he told us he had no weapons of mass destructions. Now, here we are, ridiculous, scrambling for proofs, and this guy is probably sniggering in his Baghdad hole/grave, the bastard!

His strategy, working hand in hand with Ben Laden, worked perfectly well: he got us enmeshed in the Middle-East conflicts like never before, and now, our soldiers can get killed safely and regularly, shooting range style, instead of Muslim fundamentalists having to painstakingly plot terrorist attacks on our soil.

Evil, I tell you, evil, and what is more, it is now us who get called evil, while we really, really, honest! believed he had WMD that he would use against us. Who could have predicted he would be ready to lose power and get killed merely to have the posthumous satisfaction of seeing us engaging the Muslim world in a war onto their own battleground?

Why did Saddam Hussein tell us the truth, knowing perfectly well we wouldn't believe him? Wouldn't it have been nicer of him to lie to us and tell us he had WMD? Then maybe we would not have invaded Iraq, and would have left him alone in the same way we leave North Korea alone! Why, why, why!
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