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Keep the Gulf War 2 veterans busy, don't let them back in the country.

The psychological effects of war are almost as debilitating as the physiological ones. Many soldiers return home from war traumatized by their repeated exposure to violent scenes of carnage and death. Many find it difficult to cope with everyday situations, and many carry the guilt of having killed another human being. Having been exposed to such horrors while still in their developmental years (most are very young) has stunted the emotional growth of these men and oftentimes leads to their lack of ambition and drug addiction.

It is much better to send those soldiers into some new wars against terrorism abroad than to let them back into civilians life where they are condemned to be losers, druggies and criminals. At least, when they are abroad killing foreigners, they are not killing and hurting Americans, and they are used productively to advance our interests.

Don't let those wasted people back into the US. Keep them away, send them in Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, or let them fight alongside the Russian in Chetchnia. Keep them occupied, but we don't want them back here where they will become Rambo loners with no moral sense of what is right and wrong.
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